Fans of the franchise have been waiting with bated breath for the role of Christian Grey to be cast. And now, according to, it has. Alex Pettyfer of Beastly, I am Number Four, and Magic Mike fame, will play the coveted role according to a source close to the production.

The 23 year-old actor will play the role of the protagonist – a savvy businessman who secretly practices BDSM, and production is rumoured to start in London in 2014.

A few months back, Gus Van Sant shot a demo for the flick with Alex in the lead. The scene featured Christian taking an unidentified Anastasia’s virginity.

Fans are not sure if he could pull off the suave business man with a dark side.

The character in the book seems to ooze sex appeal and his dominant personality seems to be what makes him so successful in business, and when we look at Alex, we still see The Kid from Magic Mike who has no sense of direction, and is fine taking orders from the older strippers.

Do you think Alex has what it takes to play the enigmatic Mr Grey?