What’s up with all the meat-inspired clothes that are rising in the world of fashion? Designers are continuing their creation of outrageous crazy meaty trends. From the likes of fleshy leggings to biltong broeks and now bacon flavoured necklaces. Kudos for their creativity but who – besides singer Lady Gaga and female rapper Nicki Minaj – will ever rock these goodies?

The bacon flavoured necklace is a simple mock of those candy necklaces we used to wear and eat as kiddies.  But this has been enhanced with a layer of meaty flavouring as a top layer and has a bacon-shaped medallion in the centre. Apparently, it even smells like the real thing to “tantalise” those around you.

I’m a big pork lover, but I doubt I’d find pleasure in wearing one of these.

Would you wear this bacon flavoured necklace?