As women we need a bag for every occasion; for work, play and party. Here are some affordable yet oh so stylish bags that you can easily match with any outfit.


You want something stylish but professional as a great alternative to a briefcase.

And if you, like me, have those “just in case” items that you have to carry with you everywhere, then you’ll appreciate its size.

Red briefcase (style Tosoni); R995.00 - Spitz


Sling bags are perfect for a relaxed day out at the market or beach. It can hold most of your essentials and is super practical.

Jinger Jack Genuine leather sling-bag; R595 - 36Boutiques


No girl wants to carry a satchel or any sort of bag that restricts her from getting her groove on. A clutch bag completes the look to any party outfit.

It’s small and fits only what you’ll need for a night out on the town (like your money/ bankcards, lipgloss, ID and your keys.)


Multi Colour Python Clutch:  R 599 - Nine West

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