Part of the reason I love reading so much is because I know I'm going to meet interesting characters. That's not to say I'll end up liking every single one of them, but  I know that when I am lucky enough to relate to one, it feels as if I've formed a special bond with them.

This is especially true when it comes to female heroines.  And chick-lit seems to have some of the best characters-who-could-be-your-best-friend types, don't you think? Well, our readers think so…

The Bridget Jones fan club

It has got to be Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones's diary! Her self-talk and neuroticism make the rest of us feel normal.

It has to be Bridget Jones. Because there's a Bridget in all of us "plain", non-model, hardworking and "granny pants" wearing girls!

Bridget Jones from Bridget Jones's Diary. She's a champion for all the bigger girls out there looking for love.

Another popular heroine? Becky Bloomwood, from Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Becky Brandon (Bloomwood) - because she always manages to get into such a dilemma and somehow, still manages to save the day.

Rebecca Bloomwood - there is a little bit of a shopaholic in me that made me relate to her.

All of Sophie Kinsella's heroines because they are all people we can relate to.

Lesley Pearse's characters are also very much adored by our readers.

Any of the women in Lesley Pearse novels - they're all heroines!

Belle - because she's always been so determined to overcome any hardship.

Belle from Belle by Lesley Pearse, because she triumphed over difficult circumstances.

But, that's not to say that other fictional heroines aren't as fabulous as their better-known counterparts. Just ask these readers:

Marguerite St. Just from The Scarlet Pimpernel. She is all tough and daggers, ready to save the ones she loves only to discover the Husband she isn't too keen on is willing to risk his life for her.  An adventure and pure love story! LOVE HER.

Anna from Bad Heir Day by Wendy Holden. I identify with her and her romances because it's so relativistic and hilarious – a true reflection of my own life.

Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich bounty hunter series. She makes you feel better about yourself. Even on bad days as she just CANNOT do something right. Sometimes it is a toss-up between her and grandma Mazur.

I absolutely fell in love with Lily from Carole Matthews "The Only Way Is Up". She lost everything during the economic slump and was left literally with only the clothes on her back.

She ended up living in a dump of a house in the worst neighbourhood, but survived, and ended up staying there even when she didn't have to anymore. It shows that we all have the potential to make the most of a situation we all could potentially find ourselves in.

Emma Woodhouse from Emma by Jane Austen.  She is utterly flawed but oblivious to her own faults though readily seeing them in others. When she does acknowledge her own imperfections, she "owns" them and makes amends - thereby endearing her to those she previously looked down upon. Even though the reader may not have initially liked her, by the end you’re rooting for her to get her own "happy ever after" with Mr Knightley.  Well-rounded heroine indeed!

Alaina McGaren - Ashes in the Wind by KE Woodiwiss. In spite of extreme adversity and seemingly insurmountable problems, she manages to forge ahead and create a life for herself - and do it cheerfully and with great wit.

Angela Clark from the I Heart ... series, she is so funny

Who are some of your favourite female heroines? Share with us in the comment box below.