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About Folly:
Emma Caine is pushing forty and life is hitting her hard. Her husband has been brain damaged, she’s lost her job, and she might lose her home. Instead of giving up, Emma starts hitting back. Drawing on experiences from a misspent youth, she opens a domination dungeon in an outbuilding in her garden and sets herself up as a dominatrix.

Whipping, torturing and abusing the wealthy slaves who soon start lining up for her services is surprisingly easy for Emma, especially since she has no sexual contact with her clients. In fact, she believes them all to be sick perverts.

The unthinkable happens when she falls in love with one of them – the disturbingly likeable Simon Nel.

Fighting her emotions every step of the way, Emma finds herself drawn into a twisted and potentially doomed relationship that will force her to reconsider everything she thought she knew about love, sexuality and power.

Thanks to the publishers, we've got an exclusive extract below. Extract is taken from Chapter 10.

‘Darling,’ he said, as I brought him his coffee, ‘I like hard penetration.’

The cup slipped from my grasp and banged down on the desk, send­ing a tidal wave of the brew slopping into his saucer, and he roared with laughter at my discomfiture.

‘Don’t be scared,’ he said. ‘I won’t bite you. I just love being fucked in the arse by a woman. Pegging, it’s called, sweetheart. I fucking love being pegged. Do you have a strap-on?’

He was quite disappointed to discover that I didn’t. I must say, I was rather relieved. For the life of me I couldn’t quite get my head around strapping an artificial penis to my hips and banging away at somebody’s backside. It sounds ridiculous, but I doubted whether I had the co-ordination to perform this task successfully. I had visions of mistiming

a thrust and causing some sort of spinal injury with my dildo – or worse still, creating internal damage. I mean – how would he explain that to his medical aid?

At some stage, I knew, I’d have to man up and do the dirty – if not on the Judge, then on one of my other clients. For now, though, I told him that since the strap-ons were not yet available I’d do the best I could with what I did have. Which was a total of three long, slender candles. I needed to go vibrator shopping, and urgently.

‘You’ve got nothing else?’ he asked in disappointed tones when I indi¬cated the candles.

‘New stock is only arriving tomorrow,’ I told him in a firm voice. ‘But I’m sure I can satisfy you with these today.’

‘I’m not so sure,’ he grumbled. He pushed his chair back and panic clenched at my insides because I thought he was going to get up and leave. He didn’t, though. Instead he reached into one of his trouser pockets and produced a small, brown, glass vial.

‘So, anyway. Do you know what this is?’ he asked me.

Oh, Jesus, my dungeon had become a destination for users of banned substances.

‘N–not exactly,’ I stammered. ‘I’m guessing it’s a drug of some kind?’

‘It’s poppers, sweetie. Amyl nitrite. If you’ve never tried it, you should. It gives you a hell of a rush. A hell of a rush, straight away. If you don’t have a problem with me using it, I’ll inhale it while you fuck me.’

‘Er …’ I swallowed, wishing fervently that I could have Lowly back again. Snippets of medical warnings I’d read a long time ago floated up from my memory. ‘Do you have any physical problems that might pre¬clude its use? Any type of heart condition?’

He tucked the bottle back in his pocket and spread his arms wide. ‘Darling, I won’t lie to you. I’ve had a heart bypass and I’m on anti-hypertension drugs thanks to all the crap I have to deal with during my working day.’

‘If that’s the case I don’t think I …’ I began, but he cut me off, holding up a broad-fingered hand. ‘D’you know what? I don’t give a shit. It’s my heart and it’s my life. If I die, I want to die happy.’

‘Right,’ I said. ‘Right.’

I could just picture the story headlining our local paper.

‘Client Fatality Occurs at Resident’s Illegal Domination Dungeon.’

I should refuse to do what he asked. Medically, it was unsafe, and if he did suffer a cardiac event I’d end up in major trouble.

Although – maybe not, as long as he didn’t actually die on me. I could always call an ambulance if the worst happened. And right now, I was in no position to turn away business.

‘If a medical emergency happens, I can’t be held responsible,’ I said.

‘Look, darling, I know, ok? I know, I know, I know. If I was that wor¬ried, I wouldn’t be here, would I? You want me to sign a disclaimer or something?’

I had a feeling that any such document wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on.

‘Just write down the contact details for your next of kin.’ Seeing his expression, I added hastily, ‘Or a good friend. Someone I can get in touch with if anything does happen. And who won’t try to sue me.’

‘Well, that rules out my ex-wives,’ he grumbled. ‘They both milked me for every goddamned cent I had.’

‘I need that number,’ I insisted.

He ummed and ahhed and argued, but in the end he scrawled a name and a cellphone number down on a piece of paper. ‘That’s Marcus New¬man, my operations director. He’ll sort things out, no fuss, if it comes to that.’

‘Right, then,’ I said, after briefing him on the safe word. ‘If you need to use the bathroom, it’s over there. We’ll start as soon as you are ready.’

He left his car keys on the desk when he went into the bathroom, and for a minute I was tempted to do a runner. Climb into his car and start it up and drive.

Where, I didn’t care. Anywhere would do as long as it was far away from my dungeon, and from the Judge, and from hard penetration.

Instead, I took off my trench coat and when the Judge strutted out of the bathroom stark naked and holding the bottle of poppers in his right hand, I was waiting for him by the punishment horse in my full regalia.

In my right hand I held a whip and in my left I was brandishing one of the orange candles, liberally coated with ky jelly.

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