New parents can often get a bit carried away trying to capture every ‘first’ of their newborn’s special moments.

From a strand of hair or their first tooth, to a dried up stump of umbilical cord, these ‘mementos’ are treasured keepsakes from their bundles of joy.
But now there’s a new milestone memento and it’s even more bizarre than the rest!

Breast milk Jewellery is the latest craze to hit America. It was designed by two moms who refused to give away their secret recipe for processing the milk, but said the unusual tokens helped create a special bond with their babies during nursing.

"What a wonderful way to preserve the `liquid gold' that we are only able to make for a certain period of time," reads the label. "This can be passed down for generations and what a fantastic gift to give to your child, the root of their survival."

The milk is covered with a glaze or clear resin after it is plasticized or dehydrated, forming a clay-like substance that hardens over time.

The jewellery has been a surprise success with over 20 people contacting the owners each day to find out more about the unique pendants and bracelets.

But not everyone is so keen on the idea. Many women agree that wearing your breast milk is not only absurd but ‘weird’ and ‘gross’ and the website has had to deal with its fair share of jokes since its launch in 2007.

Would you ever wear jewellery made from your own breast milk?