Wow! When we saw these campaign images, we were almost certain that they were from way back when Christy made her debut for the brand in 1987. That's 27 years ago people.

And she still looks as good, if not better in these pics. The 44-year-old  (yup, you better believe it!) has made her return to modelling with these super sexy images for CK's underwear range.

According to hellomagazine Christy is glad to be back. "After so many years, it's nice to be back in the Calvin Klein world. The most memorable campaign I shot for Calvin Klein was probably either an Eternity fragrance campaign, which I did also in 1988, or a Steven Meisel underwear campaign that I did in the mid to late '90s."

But, the question is, have these images been photoshopped? There isn't a wrinkle or piece of saggy skin in sight. Hmpf. Maybe we're just jealous?

So, it's time to vote:

Natural or not?