Een Stad, Drie Rooikoppe, Sewe Dae by Lili Radloff en Adeline Radloff (LAPA Publishers)

It’s a very weird thing to read a book written by your best friends.

Especially if it is in your second language, and you have to read the first two chapters whilst mouthing all the words. And even weirder to review it.

The truth is, even if I hated Een Stad, Drie Rooikoppe, Sewe Dae, I would have given it a terrific review. (Have you ever SEEN @liliradloff mad? Ask any of the more militant vegans on twitter. It’s a scary thing to behold.)

Luckily, I really did love it.

Once I had broken through the language barrier, this action-packed romp drew me from bed to couch to bath to park thumbing happily… and before I knew it, I had devoured it all in less than a week.

And now I miss the characters I watched chasing each other about the Radloff sisters’ Cape Town CBD.

I miss Saskia, the ex-model cocaine dealer, with the foulest mouth in Vredehoek. I miss Fey, the bubbly, hippy-reared dancer, who has carved a career niche out of stripping ironically. (Yup. It’s doable, apparently.)

I miss Helene, the naïve divorcee waitress. (Actually, I don’t miss her so much. Helene was my least favourite of the three redheads… I think she needs a slap upside the head. I miss her love interest, surfer god Luke, much more.)
I’m also tickled pink that my friends managed to get a Mr Darcy character in the same book as a sleuthsy bergie. How cool?

Sex, drugs, blood and guns, Rafiki’s and Cape to Cuba – the wise-cracking Radloffs have woven their love for Cape Town all through this funny, pacey adventure which sees the three redheads on a ride through the badlands of both their city and themselves.
Get yourself a copy. I have four.

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