Yes, anyone can have the Duchess’s tumbling tresses. But, the secret is knowing how to keep it looking luscious for longer!

What you’ll need:

•    Clean hair.
•    Heat-protecting/volumising product.
•    Blow dryer.
•    Hair pins.
•    Large, round brush.
•    Shine and hold serum/spray.

What to do:

•    After shampooing, apply a small amount of heat-protecting and/or volumising product to damp (not wet) hair.

•    Dry your hair roughly.

•    Separate hair into small sections.

•    Using a round brush, blow dry each piece - starting at the root and moving downwards - until it is smooth and frizz-free (not dead straight).

•    Next, wrap your hair around the brush, and then around your fingers to help set the curl.

•    Pin it.

*Follow through with each section/piece.

•    When you’re done, remove the pins and run your fingers through your hair.

•    Apply a bit of shine and hold serum, and voila!

Here’s a trick to keep the style in till the next day:

Do not sleep with your hair loose. Instead, flip your head upside down and make a wobbly bun at the top using scrunchy or clip. Remember, not too tight!

Confused? Click here to watch an easy video tutorial.

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