What is girl code? Well, it can be described as the set of rules and conditions every girl should naturally know and stick to.There is no redemption for any girl who breaks girl code.

You can NEVER EVER deviate from the rules (both written and unwritten).

Any girl who is found guilty of leaking the sage knowledge contained in the girl code manual (in its written and unwritten form) shall be condemned to a life of perpetual misery and isolation.

In other words, you won't be considered a girl anymore. You will have broken the trust and solidarity. (So we're risking quite a lot by showing you this)

We've compiled 17 hilarious yet very informative gifs for you from MTV's hit TV show Girl Code.

Sometimes the best way to get over your ex is to get under someone new

As hard as it may be, don't give him access to the cookie jar if he's no longer your man

No matter how hard you try you’ll never be perfect. You are perfectly imperfect.

But then again...

What happens when you listen to a lot of Adele?

Sometimes he’s the problem, not you.

It’s okay to be single...

If it’s crossed your mind, we don’t blame you.

If I’m crazy it’s because YOU make me crazy!

Allow me to change my hair- it’s how I deal with the pain.

Best way to deal with a guy who likes you but you don’t like back...

You’re not the only one who looks weird while putting on make-up...

We concur!

Own your walk! Just make sure you look cute.

Girl's who hook up with their friend's ex:

If you can’t afford your own drinks rather stay at home or drink water the whole night at the club.

We'll admit we are bad drivers...

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