I’m sure you remember him from his blockbuster roles in The Hangover, and The A-team, but his new flick, Silver Linings Playbook, is a must-see. It’s a completely new take on the (mostly) dead romcom genre and has been making waves and winning awards left and right.

We can see why. Not only is the man gorgeous – those beautiful blue eyes and great smile make me giddy – but, he’s also a talented actor.

He started out on Sex and The City in a bit role, and his star has been rising ever since.

He’s also fluent in French, loves cooking, and loves his animals. All the dogs he’s ever owned have been rescue animals. This man has a heart of gold. Swoon!

He’s also very charitable – he often spends weekends teaching acting to children from disadvantaged areas for free.

What do you think of Brad?