Good use of colour can make you look slimmer, brighten your complexion and make you feel fabulous.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a few colour selection tips to inspire you to move from black, black and more black to cheerful colour.

There are no absolute rules:

You can wear almost any colour, it’s just how you wear it and the quantity you wear it in that matters.  No doubt, there will be colours that work best for you and are easy to wear, and then there are those that will make you look drained. It’s about determining which is which.

Be prepared to try an array of colour:

I often suggest new colours that my clients thought they would never wear; only to find they look amazing in the selected colour. You need to step out of your comfort zone and try various colours in order to find ‘your match’.

How to test if a colour works for you:

- Drape the colour you want to test over one of your shoulders, close to your face, as you would wear a blouse.
- Place a colour you know works for you on the other shoulder in the same way and compare.
 - How does each colour affect the colour of your cheeks and under eye?  If your under eye looks darker, your complexion looks paler than usual or your complexion looks very yellow, you know it is not a colour that works for you.  If the colour brings out your natural colouring and lifts your face, you know it’s a winner.

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