The pair, joined by former supermodel turned activist Bethann Hardison, told ABCnews that designers disguise their racism for not using black models under terms such as artistic expression and aesthetics.

Activist Bethann Hardison sent an open letter to the CFDA that names the designers who refrain from using black models on their runways. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Armani are among a long list of others who have been called out.

In the letter, Hardison states that fashion houses and designers either use one black model or none at all. Although their intent may not be racism, that is how it is perceived by the general public particularly people of colour.

Somalian born supermodel Iman added that during the 70’s, the modelling industry had more black models gracing runway shows than they do now.

By addressing the idea that only a certain look is considered beautiful, the models touch on a very important issue affecting young girls in society.

If more designers start embracing beauty in all its tones, shapes and sizes, then we could have a generation of confident young girls who aren’t insecure about their looks.

Diversity is the keyword here and designers should have a more realistic representation of women on their runways. Maybe in the near future we can enjoy a fashion show that has a whole mixture of women: tall, short, white, black, small and big.

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