We honestly thought we had taken a break from all these Photoshop fails, but we were wrong.

New mom Jessica Simpson has been making headlines since rumours of her pregnancy came out and the singer has really maxed out its publicity value. But we have to say that this is one of the most Photoshopped covers we have ever seen.

The star posed for People Magazine with her bundle of joy wrapped in her arms. The cover looks good at first glance, but at a study it a little closer and you notice these mishaps:

•    Her fingers were made longer. Just compare the wrist her right hand with her fingers.
•    Her left shoulder is stretched to such an extent that it goes past her dress’s strap.
•    The gap between her thumb and fingers looks unnatural, like it’s been penciled or something.

There are even (slight) errors on her face:

•    Notice how her eyes are flattened out?
•    Her skin looks unnatural.

Now that you’ve seen it, you can’t not see it, hey.

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The Jessica Simpson cover is: