Back in the days of the seventies boiler suit, I never thought I would be the girl writing an ode to the jumpsuit. Those things were ugly. I already had a boy’s name; did I really need to be dressed like boy too? I was not impressed at all.

And even though I was only seven, I knew what I liked to wear: pleated skirts that swirled when I turned, not manly jumpsuits that you had to strip off almost entirely just to go to the loo.

And that bit is still a problem. Especially in the winter. But now that I have fallen in love with the jumpsuit, I am more than happy to suffer a few seconds of cold, to get the easiest look in the ‘get it right for the season’ book.

The best option if you need a jumpsuit this year, is to get a navy blue evening one. It will work for dinners with your man, dancing with your girls, bars with your workmates and everything in between.

Both Jennifer Lawrence and Jaime King did it recently to great effect and you can too – just stick to the shade of blue that suits you best.

If colour scares you a bit, go for my standard approach: black. I have three jumpsuits in black and I wear them interchangeably all year long. In winter I add a cute little peplum jacket in a bold colour from Habits for a polished look, or a cool leather-sleeved parka if I am feeling more urban. Then all you need is a pair of shoes to finish things off.

Could it get any easier?


I have worn the very same jumpsuit to fly to a city, hopping off the plane to head straight for fashion week, and made the garment perfect for both these situations.

The big draped scarf and flats for the plane were replaced easily with a non-crush jacket, dramatic neckpiece and heels that I had in my hand luggage. A spritz of fragrance was all that I needed to transfer easily from one to the next.

Black jumpsuits have been seen on almost every stylish celebrity in the past year. Most recently we saw Sandra Bullock do it for a red carpet, on the same night that Busy Phillips wore hers as a maternity solution. They both looked hot.

And if you prefer the edgier side of this look, you know you have to embrace the dungarees, like Alexa Chung did from Topshop.

Just like that boiler suit I had to wear in the seventies, dungarees have had a revival this season and are perfect for a more high-fashion interpretation of the jumpsuit. Topshop and Zara have great black versions for you.

The best advice I can give you is to try the trend. As soon as you realize how easy it is, you too will succumb to the jumpsuit’s charms.

There is a good reason why this trend just refuses to die. It’s fantastic!

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