Killerbyte by Cat Conner (Rebel ePublisher)
Besides my love for books, thrillers in particular, I also love all things computers and internet. I am quite a geek. So when I saw that ‘Killerbyte’ was a thriller that was based in part on an internet poetry chat room, I was very intrigued.

Ellie Conway is a FBI Agent, who also runs an internet poetry chat room as a hobby. She often gets many death threats, but when she is suddenly finds herself in the middle of a series of brutal murders that are somehow linked to her chat room, her two worlds suddenly collide. Mac is her new boyfriend, and also an administrator of the chat room.

Together they have to work fast, along with Ellie’s fellow agents, to find the poetic and bloody killer before he kills everyone who is close to her. As more people around her are killed, she starts to suspect everyone and she trusts nobody.

The story moves at a killer pace, and soon I was taken on a wild ride that didn’t stop until the story ended. Using internet savvy and street smarts, Ellie, Mac and her FBI colleagues have to work fast to find the elusive killer who seems to be just one step ahead of them. He kills people close to Ellie, and then gruesomely presents them to her, together with a badly written poem. Clearly it is very, very personal.

Ellie and Mac’s fledgling relationship develops into something deeper during the course of the book, and as a reader I couldn’t help but being happy about that. They are a couple I kept rooting for. I was so very afraid that Mac might be the killer.

Ellie is different to the usual hero of a thriller, in that she gets tired and hurt, and confused and unsure. She is just a normal girl in an abnormal situation, and not some superhero with unbelievable luck and unrealistic skills. She smokes, and really loves coffee. She has an irreverent sense of humour, and many issues that stem from her strained relationship with her tormented mother.

The character development in the book is excellent, and the role-players become real people, mainly as perceived by Ellie. The book goes into details of forensics and computers, but it never leaves the reader confused. It is a well written story that is easy to read, and impossible to put down.

After an exhaustive internet search of this book, I could not find anyone who did not love it. Most readers gave it 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

I too really enjoyed this book, and I am very excited that there is already a follow up. ‘Killerbyte’ is Cat Connor’s first book, but she has already published the next Ellie Conway book, called ‘Terrorbyte’. She is also in the process of publishing her third book ‘Exacerbyte’ and has just finished writing the next one, ‘Flashbyte’.

Cat also told me on twitter that there are possibly two more books. And can you believe it, Ellie, the main character of all these books has a blog, where you can keep up with her! This amuses the internet geek in me no end.

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Have you read Killerbyte yet? What are your thoughts on it?

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