Because I'm liberal stylista, I don't understand why Miley's braless outfit should qualify as a wardrobe malfunction. There are some celebrities who should commit to wearing a bra whenever they step out the house – usually it's related to some very sheer tops. Provided you're not revealing your nipples, I think it's okay to let the girls hang free.

In my opinion, Miley's style misdemeanours include:

·    That on-stage cameltoe. Her tween audience didn't need that much of a performance.
·    This skimpy outfit. Really. There was no excuse for that debacle.
·    This mullet dress and fishnet stockings combo.
·    The Hervé Léger bandage dress that she lived in for, like, four years running.
·    The dress which she wore to the 2009 Oscars which made her look 20 years older.
·    Miley's failed attempt at mimicking a tiger at the 2011 Grammys.

Taking all of those into account, this little white top and shorts combo doesn't make me cringe. In fact, I think if you have perky 19-year-old boobs (or of any age really) and you’re confident enough to go without a brassiere, girl, more power to you! Call it my Fashion Theory of Relativity.

Besides, at least she didn't make this facial expression, right?