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About the book

Sophie Morgan bares all in her controversial sequel to Diary of a Submissive, No Ordinary Love Story.

Sophie Morgan is a submissive. An ordinary, successful young woman who in private surrenders her body and mind to a dominant man. Some of these relationships have been loving, others casual, one just cruel.

But what happens when she meets the dominant man of her dreams? When they move in together? When life, love and play collide?

In Adam, Sophie has found a man to respect and cherish her, as well as a lover who'll take her to the very limits of pain and pleasure. But how do you decide whose cooking dinner when later one of you will be whipping the other?

Can you be curled up together watching TV one night and the next indulging in a serious punishment session? In this follow-up to the number-one bestseller, The Diary of a Submissive, Sophie tells us what she did next, how she struggled to combine an ordinary relationship with her sexual needs.

It's a controversial, honest and erotic story of trying to find her kinkily romantic happy-ever-after. No Ordinary Love Story is Sophie Morgan's real-life Fifty Shades of Grey. Sophie Morgan is the author number-one best-selling The Diary of a Submissive, and is a journalist in her thirties.

Thanks to the publishers, we've got an exclusive extract below. Be sure to also check out our Diary of a Submissive extract.

There was a dull thump as he dropped the rest of the rope on the floor and walked in front of me, knocking me out of my reverie. I lowered my eyes, not ready to look at him yet, but he had other ideas.

He put a finger under my chin and lifted it until I was staring at him. Neither of us spoke. He was grinning at me. It took serious self-control to resist the urge to kick him.

I was still fantasising about doing just that when he dropped to his knees. The sudden movement confused me, and made me worry for a second that I actually had unwittingly lashed out.

Then he picked up the rope and pulled it up between my legs. As he stood he winked at me, tugging the rope hard, which made it press against me.

The two strands sat either side of my slit, pressing it together. He finished off by tying the remainder of the rope to the original loops round my shoulders. It was as though I was bloody gift-wrapped.

The pressure of the rope between my legs, the eroticism, the powerlessness, all made me feel rather weak in the knees, but I was determined not to show weakness.

I wasn’t even going to give him a hint of my struggle, of how he was driving me to distraction, although I thought perhaps if his smile was anything to go by he might have had an idea.

He stood back, admiring the view – his ropework, my body, perhaps a mixture of both – before walking behind me again.

Suddenly not being able to see him and what he was doing made me nervous, and then his hands reached round, appearing in my field of view, roughly grabbing my breasts again.

He groped and mauled them, his hands rough, his fingers pinching my nipples hard enough to make me wince, although I fought to breathe through my nose in a way that meant he didn’t hear a telltale gasp.

I knew it was pointless – he knew – but it still felt important to fight. He leaned in, whispering in my ear that I was beautiful and brave but also extremely dirty for letting him do these things to me.

 I closed my eyes for a second, fighting for my composure before I turned to stare at him angrily. My fury made him laugh and his next words made me close my eyes again, this time in an embarrassed horror.

‘Come on, Sophie, we both know it’s true. If it isn’t then the rope between your legs won’t be wet when I check it, will it?’


He knew, I knew, that I was dripping. That the kissing, being incapacitated and humiliated had all helped raise the temperature between my legs.

This extract was published with permission from Penguin Books UK and Penguin Books SA.

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