The only thing I hate more than a lazy shop assistant, is a bitchy one. I’ll take lazy over bitchy any day.

There are certain stores that I avoid because of their notoriously bitchy shop assistants. *cough* THE WHOLE WATERFRONT *cough*

Let’s take this one shop in the Waterfront, for instance. Once when I was a student I went in there with my friends and was basically treated like an overgrown cockroach. Their shop assistants kept asking us if they could help us with anything, but with kak attitudes that made it obvious that they didn’t think we had enough money to be there.

Granted, we only had enough money for 2 Minute Noodles and wine, but that’s not the point.

We reached boiling point when the one shop assistant kept cleaning and rearranging things that we had touched.

What pissed me off the most about the whole thing was that the assistants were our age, which means that they were probably also living on long life milk and oxygen. So what gave them the right to treat us like shit?

Now, years later, I’m earning a salary which allows me to shop at places like that, but I don’t want to go there anymore because their Regina George shop assistants put me off for life.

One of my colleagues told me about going to a shoe store in the Waterfront with a friend who was visiting from abroad. They’d gone to the Waterfront after watching a soccer game at the stadium, and was given the stink eye when they entered the store with their tracksuits on. Her friend comes from a very well to do family, and could easily have afforded 3 pairs of shoes there, but after they treated her like shit she decided to leave.

This really isn’t only a Waterfront issue, I’ve had similar experiences at other places too. I’ve even avoided MAC because their shop assistants always make me feel like a pauper looking for princess makeup. And, to quote my Twitter friend, Lee, “It looks like they fucking eat MAC makeup.” But I recently went to the MAC section at the Edgars in Tyger Valley and got really amazing service, so I truly can’t generalise.

But the point is – why do these girls think that they have the right to treat people like shit? Or are they just angry because they work in shopping centers and never see sunlight?

You can’t judge who can afford to shop at the store or not. Some of the wealthiest people in the world look like kak, just look at Donald Trump.

So you know what?

Stop being a bitch and just help me get those shoes in a size 8.

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