Beautiful Mess (Bailey’s Boys #1) by Lucy V Morgan

Bailey Frost and her male flatmates and their buddy Linc have a good thing going. Essentially, they treat her as one of the guys and that suits her fine.

That’s until her boyfriend Craig dumps her and a cheer-up night of Jagermeister and pizza leads her to confess that she’s never had an orgasm during sex before.

As if it’s not enough, Bailey works in a wedding cake shop so is faced daily with others’ relationship bliss when she’s struggling to come to terms with the reasons why Craig left her.

Without offering spoilers, the rest of the story is all about how a very determined friend goes out of his way to prove that Bailey can indeed let go during a sexual encounter.

What’s even better is watching the relationship unfold. Yes. Morgan writes great sex scenes, but that’s not what kept me reading.

Morgan’s dialogue is just fantastic, and it feels like I’m playing fly on the wall watching a bunch of young people interact to great hilarity. And they all *feel* like real people, down to Bailey and her pet rats.

Morgan manages to capture a ring of authenticity with her characters, which is a rare quality in this genre. For a short, hot read, I can’t recommend Beautiful Mess more, and I’m keen to give Morgan’s other titles a spin too.

It’s a free read on Amazon. Go download it now. You’ll devour it in less than a day.

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