A new year usually brings a desire for something to change. Since the new work year is underway, you may suddenly feel that your work wardrobe is looking so last year.

We spend so much time of our day at work, so a dreary wardrobe won’t do. Here are some of my top tips to creating a work wardrobe to match your new attitude and ambitions.

Start with the basics:
I know, this sounds so boring, but it is true. Your basics are usually the pieces that are easy to mix and match and dress up and down for various occasions. However, good basics don’t have to be boring in style and color. Your basics need to be as unique as your personal style. For example, I don’t own a single LBD, but I do have a few classic cut printed dresses that I’ve been wearing for years and still feel fabulous in. 

Bring in some fun: Since you spend so much time at work, why not bring some fun to your work wardrobe. If you usually wear classic suits, try adding a bold colour or printed blouse underneath your jacket. Alternatively, swop the matching suit for a printed jacket with classic trousers.

Keep your look current: You don’t have to wear the latest trends, but a look that is current says that you keep up with the times and your industry.To get the most from your work wardrobe budget, add fashionable items to your classic staples. For example, team a classic blouse with fashionable printed trousers and a high heel shoe or a feminine style dress under a fitted jacket.

Dress for your industry: Professional dress will vary depending on your industry. If you work for a conservative law firm, your appropriate dress will differ from a woman who works for an advertising agency. Give some thought to the company image and how best you can represent yourself within that. 

Dress to reflect your personal style: Just because you need to maintain a professional image, doesn’t mean you can’t express your personality through what you wear. Simply add a few ‘personality pieces’ to your work wardrobe. It may be an eye catching chunky necklace, a ‘something different’ hairstyle, a wow jacket or killer heels everyone comments on. Even if you are a creative working in a conservative working environment, there are always ways and means of reflecting who you are. Have fun with it. This is your personality you are representing.

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