A good fashion editor or stylist can take a very ordinary piece of clothing and make it look amazing, fresh and different to how anyone else is wearing it.

You may think it is magic, but actually all it is, is a bit of push and pull. Let me explain.

First of all, as we head into autumn, you will be layering items like jackets over your tops. A stylist will always push up the sleeves of the jacket – or top layer – to make sure that it gives dimension to the layered look, whilst achieving that perfect ‘just threw it on’ vibe.

Olivia Palermo and Julianne Moore have both perfected this look.

The best way to push up a sleeve is to roll it a couple of times at the bottom and then push it up to half way between elbow and wrist. If you find it intolerably frustrating to push up your sleeves regularly during the day, then take the hipster approach and wear a pair of grandfather sleeve garters. It’s a fabulous new accessory to try.

Another great tip is to pull that waistband up. Stylists will always choose where to wear a skirt of pair of looser trousers. Because the higher the waist line, the longer the legs look, stylists will often make a skirt or pair of trousers ‘high waisted’ by pulling it up and wearing it belted into the natural waist, as opposed to on the hips. Young movie stars Keira Knightly and Carey Mulligan both do this regularly.

This is great for skirts with elasticized waists, but can also work for more constructed skirts by giving it a ‘paper bag’ waist when it is belted – with a slightly wider belt – into the waist. Obviously with trousers, we want to avoid the camel toe, so only try it with looser fit trousers with a slightly dropped crotch. Many of the printed pants around this season allow for a higher waist.

And there you have it. Two top tips on how to style your own look, just like a stylist would.