You know… when Hayden Panettiere had a nipple slip at the Golden Globes afterparty, I felt really embarrassed for her. Especially because she was trying so hard and it was a really classy gown and, come on, the girl's a sweetheart. I dare you to try to find a scandal related to her.

Plus, the fact that she used a skin-coloured pasty just makes it all so much more blush-worthy. Don't you just want to pat her hand, whisper "Ag shame" into her ear and promise she'll do better next time? She's trying. So. Hard.

But when Taylor does the same thing… well… I'm mentally crossing myself and praying for her style sin.

The singer stepped onto the stage, wearing a breast-baring tank top, but instead of wearing a bra (like us mere mortals would do), Taylor wore black tape over her nipples.


Why is this girl famous again? Who created this monster? Are we to blame for this? And will the Forces of Gorgeousness be able to defeat this monstrosity of a fashion disaster? Can anyone – at all – help this poor girl find her style soul again and come back to us whole? And is a bra the fashion-equivalent of holy water in this case?