The Food of Love by Anthony Capella (Time Warner Paperbacks)
Laura Pattersen is a 20-something year old student who has come to Italy to study art history but often tends to find herself being the object of study by brazen and forward Italian studs.

Enter Tommaso Massi, a handsome smooth-talking, silver tongued Italian who falls in lust and proceeds to tell Laura that he's a chef at one of Italy's world renowned restaurants in order to get her into his bed.

In truth, he's only a humble waiter struggling to make ends meet.

In order to keep up his charade of playing master chef, Tommaso employs the services of his friend Bruno, who is a master chef, to cook the meals designed to seduce Laura. Meanwhile, the less attractive and reticent Bruno himself falls deeply and irrevocably in love with the American beauty.

What follows is a four course culinary comedy of errors that will have you in stitches of laughter; wishing you could pull the Italian meals described in the book out of it… and leave you begging to be fed by our protagonist.

It's a delightful and easy read – a culinary aphrodisiac of gastronomic proportions that is simply too delicious to put down.

In fact, what gives the book it's splendour is the recipes attached in the book. A real treat for foodie lovers (who will delight in the recipes), romantics and travel mad souls alike.

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