The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen (Bantam)
Allen shows off her talent for exquisite storytelling with her fantastic and mouth-watering food descriptions, complete with a dash of romance (not the smushie kind). It’s only natural for me to pick up an Allen book and admire it (great cover!). Each page is filled with superstitions and delights. 

The Peach Keeper is a novel that focuses on a rundown house called The Blue Madam – which is considered an icon in Walls of Water, a small town in North Carolina. 

Paxton Osgood, twin sister of Colin Osgood, is the chairman of the Women’s Society Club and the brains behind the restoration of the Blue Madam. The Osgoods are a well-to-do family in Walls of Water with secrets that are about to be exposed. When Colin arrives to attend the opening of the Blue Madam, not only does his presence force Paxton to face the reality about herself, but also uncover the truth about her family.

Willa Jackson runs a small outdoor wear shop with an attached coffee shop. Rachel, the barista of this attached coffee shop, believes that a person can be sussed out by their coffee order. Willa has returned to Walls of Water after the death of her father, to look after her grandmother – who suffers from Alzheimer’s and used to live in the Blue Madam before her family lost their fortune and were forced out the house.

Paxton’s Grandmother, Agatha, and Willa’s Grandmother, Georgie were best friends 75 years ago, when something happened in Walls of Water that only they know about.

When a body is found under the old peach tree at the Madam, secrets that have been hidden for years are brought out into the open as well.

I really enjoyed this novel from Sarah Addison Allen but I have to describe this book as Chinese food.  It’s great when you are sitting around with friends, eating and chatting, but an hour after you have finished the meal you are left starving!

This is how I felt with this novel. I wanted more and even though Allen ended the book with a tearjerker I felt as if it wasn’t as great as Garden Spells. However, with that said I urge you to read it.  You will discover a friendship and a story that will warm you to the core.

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