The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom (Sphere)

Mitch Albom’s latest novel is an inspirational work that tackles one of the most daunting questions that each of has asked at some stage in our life: What is the reason our days have been limited?

Keep in mind this is the same author of Tuesday with Morrie and The five people you will meet in Heaven, so don’t expect a lot of science and factual explanations.

What you can expect, is a heartfelt tale of three people’s different ways of dealing with time: the one person, some 6 000 years ago, who is obsessed with measuring it; a modern day teenager who wants her time to end; and a dying billionaire businessman who is desperate to extend his stay on earth into the future.

Think Paolo Coelho with a dash of Philip Roth.

The Time Keeper is a pleasant and easy read. Yes, it flirts with being sentimental, but not overly so.

A definitive recommended read.

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