South African authors have been making international waves lately.

First we had Lauren Beukes, whose latest novel, The Shining Girls, has not only been selling incredibly well in South Africa, but has also been the talk amongst high-profile reviewers in both the UK and US.

With all the massive hype that's been surrounding The Shining Girls, one would have thought that it couldn't possibly get any better for our local authors.

But, that's where you'd be wrong.

Allow us to introduce three fabulous authors, who've combined forces to write a book (which is the first in a planned series) that has caused a stir amongst publishers locally and internationally – it’s been bought by 19 countries, who are all set to publish the book.

A Girl Walks into a Bar, written by Helena S. Paige (Helen Moffet, Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick respectively) is the first in a "choose your own erotic adventure" series.

To quote from the actual press release and cover itself: "It's Your Fantasy, Your Rules."

More about the book:
When your friend cancels on your girls' night out at the last moment, you suddenly find yourself all dressed up and alone at an exclusive bar. What do you do now? Will you spend the evening drinking tequila with a rock star?

Or perhaps the suave and charming millionaire businessman is more your style? But the angelic young barman with a body made for sin has also caught your eye. ..

Then there's the bodyguard who has the keys to his boss's sports car and is offering you a ride . . .

Maybe you want to head home instead - to your sexy new neighbour.

Whichever way you decide to go, each twist and turn you make will lead to an unforgettable encounter. Can you choose the ultimate sensual experience? The power is entirely yours!

The book will be released in E-book format on The 15th July, and will be released in paperback later this year.

I don't know about you, but we can't wait for this.

Look out for an extract or two coming your way.

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