1.  You'll be able to spend hours playing on your Xbox while she dips into the wonderful book worlds she so dearly loves.

2.  More time with the boys for you. Sometimes a girl just likes to get lost in the heady lives of book characters and would love nothing better than staying at home to read. This doesn't mean she doesn't love you - it just means that she's less likely to pitch a fit if you want to spend time with the boys.

3. She's low maintenance in terms of gift-buying. She's the girl who would rather want a box of books instead of an expensive designer handbag. She's also the girl who will actually scream your ears off with joy when she sees that Exclusive Books or Kalahari.com voucher.

4. She's more sensitive to your moods. All those books she's read and the characters she swoons about? It's not just the character's qualities she looks out for. It's their journey, their flaws and how they grow throughout the novel. It's about getting to understand them - and because of that - she's able to have better insight about other people, including you.

5. You'll be dating someone smart, witty and probably someone who will be able to entertain and regale you with random facts, oddball snippets and general quirkiness. She's a geek in the best kind of way - and conversations with her are almost never dull.

6. The only place she's more likely to drag you with to, is the bookshop. Be warned though: You'll probably spend a significant amount of time there. That said, she'd probably not expect you to endure the rest of the shopping trip with her.

Also, a heads-up: if she invites you along to the bookshop, don't say no. This is a sure sign that she's showing more than a passing interest in you. She's inviting you into her world and headspace.

7. While she would love for you to be a reader, she won't expect you to be one yourself. Sometimes it's better if you're not - as every now and then, she loves to have someone to bring her out of that fantasy world she loves to carve for herself (Ok, I think this one may apply specifically to me).

8. She's a dreamer. And she's happy and possibly just a little idealistic (which, I, as a reader, think is not necessarily a bad thing).  Even though she comes across many villains in the literature she reads, she believes in the heroes of the story. You loving her for being an avid bibliophile… it makes you one of those heroes in her eyes.

9. Date her because she's a lot more adventurous than you'd assume at face value. It's not all about the geeky glasses look (hot as it is) - which is a far cry from what most of us look like anyway. Characters and book worlds give her plenty of ideas. All you need to do is take the time to get to know her.

10. Oh, and those sexy romance books? You'll be thankful she reads that. Very, very thankful. The wealth of literature porn out on sale (including the much-scorned novel that is Twilight) makes for some of the best ways to get her in the mood.

Oh, and in case you think we're the only ones who think so, check out the blog post that inspired us to write this: Date A Girl Who Reads.

Are you dating a reader? Tell us what you love most about them?

Tammy is women24's resident book club ed. She sometimes dreams of marrying some of her favourite characters. Not all at the same time, of course. For more bookish rambles, feel free to follow her on Twitter.