Put some thought into what you'd like to take with you at least a week before the time. It's easy to procrastinate about packing for a holiday, but if you do yourself the favour of taking a few minutes to plan, you'll find that the massive suitcase easily turns into a manageable size without much effort. Take a look at your wardrobe. Choose two basic colours e.g. white and denim. Depending on your destination, your basics will either be trousers, shorts or skirts in basic colours. Then you select several tops to go with this and bear in mind that you might have some evenings painting the town red, so select a strappy number that can also be worn with your basic items (trousers, shorts or skirts). This allows you to mix and match with ease.

Make a shopping list. Ask yourself what is missing and make a shopping list. For example, do you have the correct bra for that top that you wish to wear? You might think that you have that cami, but find that it's missing in action.

Select clothing that you love to wear and travels well. Most women enjoy wearing fabrics that breathe, such as cotton for a summer holiday. Choose items that have a slight stretch to them, such as cotton blends. This reduces creasing.

Pack to minimise creasing. Iron everything prior to packing and lay them as flat as possible with as little folding as possible. Take along with you a little travel steam iron. These are small and extremely easy to use.

Take along a little well sealed container of washing powder. This allows you to handwash underwear or small items and reduces the number of items that you pack. If necessary, make use of your steam iron to get rid of the creasing after washing.

Put thought into shoes. Most women take too many shoes along. Make a list of the activities that you're likely to embark on and pack your hiking boots for walking and then restrict your other pair of shoes to thongs or a pair of shoes that you can easily dress up or down.

Don't forget your bikini. Take along a sarong if you prefer a bit of a cover-up. Make sure that your sunhat is floppy or small so that it doesn't get ruined and can literally be pushed into your suitcase.

Decant your toiletry items into smaller plastic containers to increase space. If you don't have suitable tight-closing plastic containers, not to worry! Woolworths sells a wonderful little travel pack of small plastic containers that make packing your toiletries easy.

Most importantly, always pack clothing that will make you feel fabulous, reflects your holiday mood and enhances your holiday pleasure.

Happy holidays!

Tracy Gold is Women24's fashion expert.
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