In case you haven’t been reading the fashion mags or browsing the malls, studs are a must-have for your wardrobe this Winter.

Accessories and shoes are probably the easiest way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

How cool are these studded flats from Step Ahead? Keep it simple with some on-trend coated denims like these, and you can rock the studded trend effortlessly.

I also like these pointy ones from Country Road, they're nice and subtle..

If you really want to bling it up you could try these from Style36...the neutral gold colour will work with most things in your wardrobe and the studs will give that pop to your outfit.

You can't really miss the whole studded-shoe-thing going on at the moment, you'll find loads of options at any of the high-fashion stores in the malls.

*Style tip: If, like me - you can only wear leather shoes due to comfort, I'd opt for something a little bit subtle so that you can wear them for more than one season i.e. people will still be wearing studs next Winter, but perhaps in not such a high dose.

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