With the festive season (and the parties that come with it) rapidly approaching, every woman wants to escape the ultimate fashion faux-pas - wearing the same outfit as someone else! Oh the horror.

A new poll by Kenco Eco Refill  shows that over a fifth of women say they would rather traipse all the way home and to put on a different dress, than be seen in the same outfit as a fellow Christmas partygoer. Now singer Mica Paris has come up with some tips to avoid this situation.

Mica encourages women to swap clothes with friends or donate them to a special SWAP shop instead of buying new ones said: "Being spotted in the same outfit as someone else can totally ruin your festive party fun, we've all been there! Swapping your unwanted clothes with friends and colleagues and giving an existing outfit a new twist is a great way to update your wardrobe and avoid spending too much cash after all, one girl's trash is another girl's treasure."

Mica also says accessorising old outfits with belts, scarves and jewellery can freshen them up and help avoid the embarrassing  same dress situation.

Have you ever swapped clothes with your friends?