2012 was a hard year for Lindsay.

She was involved in a car accident, discovered she had a half-sister and has been in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

Now, she could be sent to jail for violating her probation. This time, it’s for lying to the police about her involvement in a car crash on the Pacific Coast highway.

That’s not all - it is said that Lilo’s mother, Dina, recently claimed that her husband beat and raped her during the ‘90s.

But, regardless of Lilo’s troublesome life, the girl sure can act.

Just watch her play the scared and confused Tara who frantically searches for her cell-phone after her lover, James Deen, has hidden it. As she reaches to retrieve her mobile, he suddenly wakes, angry and attacks her.

Will you be watching The Canyons?

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