Red lips are timeless and on trend every season. But there are a few key tips on creating the perfect red lip to ensure you are rocking the trend.

1.    Exfoliate your lips

2.    Apply some lip balm to make sure they are hydrated

3.    Ensure that you choose the right red for your skin tone. For porcelain skin opt for a more orange or cherry red, for fair skin try a deep red. Olive skin tones look great with bright red and almost all reds work with darker skins. Try before you buy is really the key.

4.    To stop your lipstick from bleeding apply either a red or nude lip liner. This will also make it easier to apply your lipstick.

5.    Don’t worry if you make a mess. Just take a cotton bud, dip it in moisturiser and clean up.

6.    To make your lip pop add a touch of highlighter to your cupids bow.

7.    Keep your make up really fresh and apply lots of mascara to finish off your look.

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