In different seasons, you need to use different techniques to maintain your hair.  Winter is just one of those nasty seasons when you need to take extra care to ensure less damage.  And if you’re African you know that your hair will suffer the most.The cold temperatures will drain the moisture from your tresses. 

For this reason, it's important to protect the hair from moisture loss, especially if you look to weaves and extensions for survival. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep your hair healthy in winter.

1. Winter accessories

Scarves and woollen hats, as gorgeous as they make us look, are doing some serious damage to those luscious locks. 

As winter gets colder, try wearing a silk scarf under that woollen hat or make sure that your hair is clear out of the way before wrapping the scarf around your neck.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Heated spaces, such as offices with aircons, dry out your hair. That's why you'll need to focus on conditioning your hair, or getting hot oil treatment at least every two weeks. 

And for those ladies who are like me and love Indian Remy Extensions, stick to Moroccan hot oil treatments.  It not only keeps your extensions looking shiny and natural, but helps maintain your own tresses.

3. The less heat the better

Stay away from heat where you can.  Heaters and heated spaces are already dying out your natural hair moisture, try to avoid flat irons, dryers and curling irons where possible. 

My best advice would be to go for a lace wig or a weave but remember to stick to 100% virgin Remy hair if you want the natural look. 

4. Hair extensions to the rescue

Think of hair styles that will protect your hair and here is where we get to the fun bit.  I strongly recommend applying glue less lace wigs during winter.  Do cornrows that will help you hair grow especially your hair line and keep you warm. The the good thing about lace wigs is you can take it on off for exercise or at bed time.  

As mentioned above lace wigs, weaves, and braids are all ways in which you can keep your protected from the harsh weather, but we all know the evils of extensions and braids... a receding hairline! 

5. Extensions and hairline woes

How many times have you said to yourself “I’m not gonna put another weave in” because your hairline is receding, but then a hot date comes along or a big business meeting and next thing you know the weave is back on. It's something that's not easy to avoid. 

So ladies to maintain your hairline, avoid keeping weaves and braids in for too long.  I recommend keeping a weave in for two weeks and braids in for a month at most. 

Remember singles are the enemy.  Try cornrows at the front and keep the singles in the back.  It prevents severe hair breakage.

6. After care post the extensions drama

Another tip to maintain your hairline is to have a scalp scrub immediately after removing any extensions – this includes braids. 

The scalp scrub helps to remove all the dead skin and helps your hair retain moisture and keeps it well conditioned.

7. Less chemicals less damage

Lastly... I know you hate to hear this, but cut down on the amount of times you relax your hair.  Yes, the growth can cause some serious damage to the comb, but instead of relaxing every two weeks, rather have more treatments or a hot oil treatment. 

Relaxers not only dry out your hair, but the chemicals decrease the natural moisture your hair produces.  I recommend relaxing your hair once every two months at the very least.

Winter may be blue, but your hair doesn’t have to.  Just remember, more moisture and less chemicals are the key to keeping your hair looking fabulous.

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