We were really impressed when Cindy Crawford – who’s just passed 45 years old – said she would never go under the knife. But now, she’s taking back her words! What happened to ageing gracefully, eh Cindy?

"When I was 30 I might have said, 'I'm going to age in a way that honours time and is completely natural.' But I'm no longer so highbrow about it," she said.

Of course, Cindy is not exactly a mass of wrinkles, is she? “I think I’m holding up pretty well, but what I like most is the sense of power I have. So much of your life you spend trying to prove yourself, trying to make things happen, trying to get somewhere else,” she said.

Even though she had tried Botox in the past, Cindy said she is "really scared" of plastic surgery.

What do you think of Cindy’s take on plastic surgery?