Don't start your summer holidays without some essential beauty products.

We've chosen 5 hot items that we think any girl should have:

1.      Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s safe to say that it starts from within as well, so ladies, let’s begin with the perfect fragrance. Summer is all about sunshine, the beach and beautiful flowers blooming, so go for a fresh floral fragrance that lasts all day, giving you that invincible feeling.

2.      Your skin is the biggest organ of your body should be looked after with the greatest of care especially during the heat drenched months. Go for moisture rich body cream such as Beaucience SPF 15 Moisturising Day Cream to keep your skin glowing, soft and protected.

3.      With all the hot weather perspiration is inevitable, but you can avoid the make-up meltdown just by using a neat, easy-to-use compact, like the one from Black Opal Cream to Powder Foundation, covering up the unwanted shiny spots while giving that gorgeous face a great cover for the all-day camera ready look. Fitting perfectly into your tote, shopper or beach bag, it’s light and so easy to take with everywhere you go.

4.      Keep it simple while keeping those smackers looking healthy and voluptuous with the Sleek Make-Up Glaze Lip Gloss in Sexy Raspberry. Keep make-up light and natural during the summer months, so for gorgeous colour, just add a lip stain or some tinted gloss for that glossy moisturised fab feeling.

5.      The long summer nights means it’s party time and a touch of metallic around the eyes is all the rage. So why not opt for the simple application of the Violent Eyes Bronze Eye Appliques and keep those gorgeous eyes sparkling without worries of touch up while grooving the dance floor. 

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