So, you’ve met the man of your dreams but somewhere between being blindly in love and being blissfully happy, you found the time to notice that Mr Right is fashionably challenged.

Being the good girlfriend that you are, you want to assist without hurting his feelings. Because let’s face it, even if your intentions are good, he might feel that he’s not good enough for you when you begin to question his clothes.

To save yourself from wounding his ego, try these tricks to upgrade his style.

1.    Take your time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was confidence. It takes time for someone to become accustomed to suggestions, especially when it comes to their appearance. Go slow and add to his self-esteem by complimenting him when you see he is actually making an effort in taking your advice.

2.    Show him, don’t tell him.

Unless he asks you to help him, don’t choose his clothes for him. Telling him how ugly that shit he’s wearing is will only put him on the defensive so rather encourage him by saying “Oh look honey, those jeans the model in the poster is wearing will look good on you.” This approach will help in showing him what trendy really is.

3.    Go shopping.

Let him tag along while you are doing your own shopping. Don’t let him suspect that he is the actual reason for the trip. While browsing, let him pick things out that catches his eye. If the items he chooses are good selections, smile and get excited. If not, well, you have more work to do.

4.    Lead the way.

Purchase his first stylish item yourself from the clothes he has selected. Then tell him how hot he looks in it. If he sees that you find him attractive in this particular item, he will wear it more often.

5.    Keep your jealousy on a leash.

There is always a downside to good progress. If your man gets attention from beautiful strange girls, don’t throw a tantrum. Remember that he has gone through considerable changes to please you. There is no need to worry about this sudden bout of attention. Rather reward him for trying his best.

6.    Be considerate.

After all, he did change a few things to accommodate you. Be open to suggestions so, if that short, red dress you have hidden in your closet does it for him – wear it.

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