Don’t book your wax appointment right before your period. Your skin is at its most sensitive during this time of your cycle, so try to get your wax done at least three of four days before you’re supposed to start menstruating. And don’t even think about making an appointment during your period - not only is that icky for the technician; a lot of salons have a "no period policy".

The best time to get waxed? Immediately after your monthlies say beauticians.

Schedule your appointment between 3 and 5 in the afternoon because it is believed that pain threshold is the highest at this point in the day. The stuff that would make you yelp at 10 a.m. will only make you wince a little now.

Exfoliate the bikini area the night before as it will remove any dead skin cells and allow the wax to stick.

Make sure your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long (like a grain of rice) to ensure a smooth, long lasting result. But, the longer, the better!

Don’t shower right before you go for your wax - if you're even slightly damp, the wax won’t be as effective.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol if you can as these tend to act as a stimulant which may increase pain during your wax.

If you are ill or have been, you should wait until you have finished your course of antibiotics.

Before you take ‘the plunge,’ make sure you and your beautician are on the same page so you don’t end up with a bare vajayjay when you asked for a Brazilian. Remember, the ‘styles’ don’t always go by the same name!

Pop a couple of Panados 45 minutes before your ‘date’ with pain. This is a fabulous ouch!-reducing strategy because not only do over-the-counter painkillers like these help reduce the soreness when you having your lady garden ‘manicured’, but they also contain anti-inflammatory components and taking them before is said to reduce redness.

Hard wax is said to be slightly less painful than soft wax so ask your beautician about using it.

Try to relax! Breathe in when the wax is being applied and then breathe out when strip being pulled - this tactic does help.

Avoid working out or wearing tight clothing right away. Nothing kills the buzz of a newly waxed va-jay like a bunch of pimples on your privates. That's what can happen if you workout at the gym within 48 hours after a waxing session because your "born again" (i.e., hairless) skin is extra sensitive to sweat, bacteria, and chafing from your shorts or pants. Plus: Wearing unbreathable clothes like leggings, jeans or even tight panties can increase the chance of developing ingrown hairs because they can reroute hair back down and under the skin instead of growing out.

If you planning a night of hot loving
, best to have your wax at least 48 hours before as vigorous action ‘down there’  won’t help with your sensitive lady bits.

Your "aim" might be off afterward, so hover carefully. We’re not suggesting you actually sit on a mysterious toilet seat...but to avoid wet thighs or pants, be extra low and careful while squatting. Because your hair down there used to help control things, it’s common for your stream to be a little wacky after your wax.

If your skin is super-sensitive after the wax, try tea-tree oil to sooth it.

Regularly wax? What other tips can you add? Share them below.