Uneven skin tone is something that many women struggle with. It’s caused by blemishes, pimples and scarring and often results in many women feeling embarrassed about their skin.

Unfortunately, while many facial products promise to give you an even skin tone, little actually achieve this.

But, don’t worry. There are a few things that you can do to help solve this problem.

Make-up selection tips:


-    Always choose a foundation that suits your skin type. If you don’t know what skin type you have (oily ,combination/normal,
     sensitive, dry), ask a shop assistant to help you.

-    Test the foundation shade that appears to be closest to your skin tone against your cheek bone.
      If the tested tone blends and “disappears”, you have a winner!

-    Try finding a foundation that has contains a SPF of at least 15.


-    Your concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone.

-    Choose a yellow-toned product for under eye coverage.  Orange-based tones blend better for darker skin tones.

-    Applying and blending your concealer over the foundation will achieve a more even toned result.

Translucent Powder:

-    Loose powder should be able to set and reduce shine and even out your complexion.

-    Pick a powder that is close to your foundation colour.

-    Test the powder over your applied foundation.

-    The powder should give a natural tone complexion.

Watch this tutorial on how you can even your skin tone using make-up:

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