Over the years,  I've watched Dolly Parton's transformation, but these latest pics of the country singer really make me cringe.

Just look at the pic of her from 1974! Doesn't she look like a completely different person now?

The alterations started gradually with a few botox injections for her lips and ‘brows. Then it spiraled out of control, as Dolly signed up for:

•    upper eyelid surgery,
•    a face lift,
•    a neck lift,
•    a buttocks lift,
•    chemical peels,
•    breast enlargement, and
•    a breast lift.
And that's just the procedures we know about because she's admitted to having them.

It seems to me like Dolly's become rather obsessed with staying young and just this month told Elle magazine: "As long as I’ve got the money, if I see something sagging, dragging or bagging, I’ll go get nipped, tucked and sucked.”

“I don’t want to look too artificial," she added.

Seriously? I think she's crossed that line already.

Do you think it's time Dolly Parton stepped away from the plastic surgeon's table?