Growing up, I was a tomboy. It was so intense that I used to only play with boys. 

With age I had to accept that the games I played with boys have changed, I had to become a lady.  
Being a lady meant wearing skirts and dresses, putting on makeup and earrings.
At first I resisted the change, it made no sense to me why a person has to put in all that effort for their looks and I wanted to hear none of it. 

But now I will say I am getting there. It is a good feeling hearing a compliment about the way one looks, so adapting has been an easy struggle for me.

There are debates and arguments on whether ladies should wear makeup, how much of it and who turned make up to make down.
There are people that will convince us that make up is a lie as it hides one’s natural looks. I used to be one of those that will say anything negative about it, but today, I will advocate for it anytime.

We are ladies, we love good looking things.  We love making things look good, smell good, or even taste good.  I mean we put glitter or a flower to anything and everything that we can. 

We treat the world around us as a portrait; we put colour and life to anything and everything that we can.  
But as much as we make everything and everyone around us look good, we tend to neglect ourselves and forget to take care of our own looks.

But really, why not put that decoration on ourselves too. What do we have to lose by looking good?

As long as the skin does not react negatively and the result of it looks good and suitable then there is nothing wrong with putting a little bit of powder here, a little drawing there, and top it all off with a good scent. 

Make the canvas that you have the best work of art that you can. 

Change it to suit the occasion, the weather, the day, or even your mood.
It is yours. Enjoy working it

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