We all know Valentine’s Day can be a bit tricky to plan for. You’ve just come out of the dreadful month of January, and your finances are finally in order. But all of a sudden you have to spoil your man with expensive gifts to prove just how much you love him. Well, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

This year, why not try something different and skip the box of chocolates or picture frame of you two.

We’ve come up with ways of spoiling him without necessarily spending all your money.

1.    A Strip Show

And no, we don’t mean you should send him to the nearest Teasers or Mavericks. You’ll be doing the stripping, honey!

Find the teeniest, tiniest sexiest underwear, and be prepared to remove it slowly and seductively to a sexed up song.

2.    A sensual massage

Once again, you’re going to be the one providing him with a happy ending. 

Turn your room into a home spa by lighting a few candles, covering your bed with a towel or two, and playing soft, relaxing music.

Wear a sexy outfit (or nothing at all) and release his tension by giving him a mind blowing massage.

3.    Vouchers
You know how he always wants you to rub his feet or scratch his back? And you’re usually too tired, or just not up to it?

Well, now is the time to prove that you really do love him... So much so that you’re willing to create a range of “gift vouchers” personally designed for his needs. You can go sweet (Think “1 x back tickle”) or sexy (Think “1 x blowjob).

Either way, he’ll feel loved and appreciated.

4.    Personalised boxers
It’s super corny, but you’ll both get a laugh from personalised boxer shorts that you’ve had made especially for him.

Whether you decide on “Mr. Sexy” or “This man is mine”, the cornier, the better.

All you need to do it buy a pair of plain boxer shorts and have them embroidered. It’s easy, and it won’t cost a fortune!

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