Valentine's Day.

It's a much maligned day of the year, isn't it?

You either love it or you loathe it with every fibre of your being. And yet, there's no denying its romantic appeal  - and honestly - I think that many of us don't hate it as much as we claim to.

Of course, love and romance is something that should be celebrated every day, but wouldn't you find it thrilling if your partner went all out to surprise and lavish you with gifts and affection on the day that's dedicated to St. Valentine?

Better yet, just imagine being proposed to on the most romantic night of the year?

So boys, don't write off V-Day as just another marketing ploy to get you to spend your money; proposing to your girlfriend on this day, could prove to be the best decision you've made.

Here's 5 reasons why.

1. It's undeniably romantic. Yes, I realise this is rather obvious, but there really is nothing more romantic than showing your partner just how much of a lovestruck softy you are for her by proposing to her on the very day that you yourself may not necessarily love.

Trust me when I say she'll more than just adore you for it.  And also, what's more heartfelt than seeing her eyes shine full of happy tears and love for you? That alone should make a Valentine's Day proposal worth it for you.
2.  Sharing the joy with other couples. Love is a universal feeling that is made so much better when it is felt and shared by other couples - especially if you're planning to propose in a public place, like a restaurant or the city gardens.

Also, while you're not doing  this for the public's approval, you can deny how awesome it feels when strangers all around you start breaking out in applause - unwittingly sharing in your joy when she finally says yes.

3.   The mood and ambience has already been set. All you need do to is make sure the right music's being played, bring out the champagne and couple it with the most decadent of desserts to go with the ring (or whatever else floats your romantic boat for that matter - now there's an idea for you).

There's nothing that makes a planned proposal more romantic than having the right kind of atmosphere to go with it, and Valentine's Day is sure to guarantee the best kind of mood you'll ever need.

4. She'll never forget the date you proposed. Neither will you actually. If you're one of those couples that celebrate a variety of anniversaries, then Valentine's Day is just one less day for you to remember.

Also, it will mean you get to celebrate Valentine's Day and the anniversary of your proposal all in one - which means you're sorted in terms of gift buying. See, you're totally making things easy for yourself.

5.  More venue options to choose from. Of course, we're super lucky in that it's high Summer in South Africa right now, so your choices of venues to propose to her, are far more varied  than what it would be in Winter (Well, we think so anyway).

From the beach, to the picnics on the mountain and from hot air balloon rides to romantic night-time dinners in the gardens, you're pretty much good to go when it comes to choosing the perfect spot to propose to your sweetheart.

Did you propose on Valentine's Day? Share your story with us below.