While the Valentine's theme is all about passionate red, the biggest challenge (even for professional make-up artists) is to achieve 'sensual' or 'sexy'... without the 'tarty'.

Choosing the right red is your key. To do this, we need to consider our skin tone and natural hair colour. Even if you've changed your hair colour, you'll still need to consider your natural hair colour. If you're now naturally grey... refer to what your hair was before!

Fire Engine red...

For pale skins with fair hair, or pale skins with very dark hair.

Orange red...
For pale skins with light red hair, pale skins with fair hair and tanned skins with fair hair.

Bronzed red...
For pale skins with auburn hair and for medium to tanned skins with brown to dark hair.

Pink red...
For medium to tanned skins with fair to dark hair.

Berry red...
For tanned to dark skins with brown to dark hair.

Burgundy red...
For pale skins with dark hair, pale skins with dark red hair and dark skins with dark hair.

Dark Chocolate red...
For dark skins with dark hair.

With red lips...

Treat dry lips from at least a day before with a conditioning treatment.
Tweeze the eyebrows, at least a few hours before, to create an arch.
Use a foundation and powder before other make-up products.
Use layers of mascara on upper eyelashes.
Place emphasis on the lips.
Make thin lips slightly fuller.

Use coloured eyeshadows, rather keep eyes nude or darken with smoky grey.
Apply liquid eyeliner too thick if your line is not flawlessly smooth.
Forget to wipe any red lipstick smudges off your teeth.
Leave the house without your lipstick and powder to touch up during the evening.

Joy Terri and her team of professional make-up artists can help you find your best make-up colours.

Visit her website for more details: www.beyondartistry.co.za.

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