Be prepared

- Do yourself a favour ahead of time: when you send out invitations, keep that list of names and addresses. It'll save hassle when it comes to the thank-you's.

- Set up a designated area at home for the task. Make it comfy, not too far from the kitchen or bathroom, and with a TV or radio nearby.

- Go stationery shopping. Get the good stuff. You might want to have your stationery embossed or printed.

- Equip yourself with quality pens that are easy to write with – preferably not the cheap, supermarket variety. Traditionally, thank you notes are written in blue or black ink.

- Get a start on writing thank-you's as soon as gifts start arriving – which may be before the wedding.

- If you have 150 notes to write, don't expect to get them all done in one sitting.

- The general rule is to get the thank-you's sent out within a month of your return from honeymoon.

- Be sure to mention the gift in your thank-you note.

- If the gift was money, mention how you plan to use it, for example, "thank you for the generous gift, we plan to put it towards our new bathroom".

- Proof-read your note before you pop it into an envelope. Rewrite it if you've made any mistakes, as scribbles and crossed out words don't look good.

- Tick off your list as you go... you'll feel great about the progress you're making.

- Don't forget to include a thank-you note to the celebrant, and anyone else who paid a key role in your wedding.

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