So you're getting married and can barely contain your excitement.

From choosing the venue and planning the invites, to picking out the perfect gown and ordering the flowers, you've already got everything mentally mapped out.

It's only natural for every bride-to-be to feel overjoyed about the big day, and we'd be the first ones to tell you that no one should deny you the right to discuss and express your enthusiasm about your impending nuptials. 

But sometimes brides-to-be, without realising it, often tend to go overboard. They seem to think that everyone wants to listen to anything bridal related, day in and day out.

If you are guilty of any of the below-mentioned points, you might be taking all the wedding excitement a tad bit too far.

1. You Facebook every single detail of your wedding. Constantly.

And by that we mean that your friends can't login to their Facebook profile without seeing a status update, wedding links or photos of your grand plans. 

You need to realise that firstly, not everyone you're friends with wants to read about the most miniscule detail about your wedding. Secondly, you need to remember that those you couldn't manage to invite are also on Facebook (and may not take kindly to having all your wedding details forcefully thrust upon them) . 

By all means, do post about your wedding, but be considerate of others and do it in moderation.

2. You best friend has just broken up with her long-term boyfriend and you're the last to find out about it.

In fact, you're the last person to find out about any significant events.  While it's understandable that your planning will keep you busy, you don't have to spend all of your energy on your big day.

If you haven't made time for your friends over the last few months and have no idea what's going on in THEIR lives, it's time to take a step back and spend some quality time with your besties.

A one or two day break in prepping won't result in a disaster.

3. Your girl’s night out is all about the wedding

Or, conversely, you don't take any time off from planning and proceed to never even have a girls night!

Take into account that while your friends are happy for you, you aren't just friends because of a wedding. And as for your single friends or the ones who just got out of a relationship - be a little sensitive to them.

At the end of the day, you still want to have friends who WANT to attend your wedding, right?

4. You can't remember when last you and your husband-to-be had some quality, non-wedding time together.

One of the many dangers of planning your own wedding, is that sometimes you become so absorbed in the process that your groom-to-be ends up feeling neglected. 

Even if both of you are doing equal amounts of work in getting  everything together, you need to take time out  and just enjoy each other's company.

Our advice? Make at least one or two days in the week a wedding-free one. Go on a date, or just stay in and spend some quality time together... as a couple in love, not one that's frantically trying to plan the wedding of the year.

5. You're reluctant to hand out vendor details for fear of being upstaged

Every bride suffers from a fair amount of wedding vanity, but refusing to share details about where you found your flowers, stationary or who you're getting to do your decor, is not only rather selfish, but also shows that you're fanatic about wanting to have the ultimate original and most talked about wedding amongst your friends.

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