# Turn off your phone, or let people leave messages on your voicemail. Even when you're really, really busy, there's always the temptation to chat – and not complete the task that's stressing you out. Get through your work first, then you'll have time for a long, comfortable discussion later.

# Start small: Identify what's stressing you out the most, and deal with matters one at a time, crossing them off your list (mental or written) as you go along. Even completing small tasks will make you feel like you've achieved something.

# Be realistic. You're superwoman, right? Well, how else did you imagine you were going to get from one side of town to the other, choose a flower arrangement, placate your moaning mother-in-law or mother, and still have time to eat lunch with your fiance? You are a fantastic, capable woman. He knows that, and you know that.

But you're also human. And there are only 24 hours in the day. Manage your time appropriately, and be prepared to ask for help if you need it.


# Skip meals: In the short-term, being hungry (or thirsty) will only make you ratty. In the long-term, it could play havoc with your body's blood sugar levels, leading to erratic moods and lightheadedness.

# Try to make everyone happy: Trying to accommodate everyone else at the expense of your own needs is a big no-no. Firstly, it's almost impossible to make all of the people happy all of the time, and, secondly, it usually means you're ignoring the things that make you happy. Learn how to say 'no', without feeling guilty.

# Self-medicate: You wouldn't be the first person to respond to stress by smoking or drinking more... . Or even using drugs to help calm you down. They might make you feel better at the time, but relying on an outside substance to help you cope will not only make you less efficient – it could lead to long-term dependency.

# Blame other people: Sure, the people around you contribute to your stress levels. But, ultimately, it's your own reactions to the people and situations you encounter that make you stressed. You need to take responsibility for this, and realise you are the only person who can change things.

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