What’s your personal style?
Couples all have their distinctive personalities and telltale charms.  Your ring can reflect what makes your love special.  When considering a personalized design for your wedding rings, consider your styles. 

Do you prefer a classical look or are you whimsical?  Do you enjoy the designs of a particular era or do you favor particular symbols associated with your families, heritage, or your own personal history together? 

Once you accumulate a few broad design ideas, a jewellery artisan will be able to discuss specific customisations that allow you to achieve your brilliant look.

Finding a Jewellery Artisan or crafter

Often, going to a commercial jewellery store means purchasing a ring style that hundreds of other couples have chosen as well. 

Some jewellery stores may allow some modification of band styles—always ask before making your final selection.

On the other hand, many artisans specialise in customised jewellery and will be willing to collaborate on a unique design for your bands.  More easily than ever, you can find a wide array of jewellery artisans online and choose one locally or even abroad. 

Many revered crafters will provide an online gallery of their work so you can decide if their artistic skills match your own ideas about style and design.

Moreover, many jewellery websites provide software that allow you to easily adapt your wedding bands to create signature his and hers rings.

Material considerations
Gold is far and wide the most traditional metal for wedding bands, but gold can also scratch easily and is softer than other choices. 

Tungsten has become a popular choice for active and on-the-go couples.  It is renowned for its strength, durability, and gorgeous level of polish. 

Platinum wedding bands provide that vintage look while providing a rich lustre that is always chic.  From industrial and edgy-looking stainless steel to the decadent sheen of rhodium, you can choose a metal that is right for your lifestyle as well as your design style.

To gem or not to gem
Incorporating gemstones into your band will add expense, but consider that you’re designing this ring for a lifetime; if there was ever a moment in life to splurge, this is it! 

From diamonds to birthstones, you might consider a wide range of precious stones or minerals.  You might opt for a stone that is associated with the month of your wedding or one that reflects a Victorian meaning—diamonds and pearls are associated with purity while rubies and pink sapphires are associated with passion.

From lapis lazuli to turquoise, you can infuse your ring with precious materials that are meaningful to both of you in some way.

Words of love

Written messages hidden on the inner band or displayed on the outer band are growing in popularity among many couples.

Historically, many rings were designed to convey messages of love or even the name of the beloved. 

From spiritual and poetic verses to something the two of you create together, you can engrave your ring with timeless words filled with meaning for you both.  Consider engraving your bands with phrases like “All of my love,” “We are for each other,” or “To love and cherish.”

Designs and motifs

Designs for wedding bands run the gamut from the less-is-more concept to the beautifully busy.  Whether you load your bands up with bling or style them simply and elegantly, you will certainly be able to find a design style that lives up to your dreams. 

Many couples love to customise their wedding bands with a special motif that may be associated with ethnicity, religion, or even with the wedding itself.  Paisleys, interlinked circles, leaves, crosses, and tribal symbols are just a few ideas to consider.  You might also have your band inlaid with precious materials from exotic wood to abalone. 

The best thing to do to begin your design journey is to browse through jewellery books and search online ring galleries just to acquaint yourself with the plethora of options available when it comes to customization.  Your love is unique, so your wedding bands should be, too.  You’ll fall in love with your wedding bands when you create them to reflect what you love about each other.

Did you have your wedding ring customised? If so, how did you have your ring modified?

Author Bio:
Guest post is contributed by Claire Windon on behalf of SorellaJewelry.com - Claire is a freelance writer and wedding planner. Visit Sorella Jewelry for more information on Personalised Jewellery.