Walking barefoot down a sunlit beach as you and your new hubby glowingly stare into each other’s eyes – this is a wonderful way to begin a marriage.

However, an overdrawn bank account is not. Luckily, the two of you can easily enjoy your fantasy-honeymoon without having to dramatically dip into your savings.

Below are some tips on how newlyweds can effortlessly reduce the price tag of their romantic getaway.

1. Add it in your list of plans from the start.

When you begin to list your priorities during the initial wedding planning process, make sure to include your honeymoon on that list instead of accounting separately for it.

 After all, if the romantic trip is ranking high in importance, the two of you can find ways to financially cut corners during the nuptials so the two of you have more money to play with during your getaway.

There’s no worse feeling than realizing that you can’t afford to fly to the French Riviera because you accidentally overspent on the reception’s centrepieces that you didn’t care about in the first place.

2. Choose the best time to book your flight.

Be strategic and flexible with the scheduling of your flights, as it traditionally costs more to fly during certain days of the week compared to others, and the times you take off can also cause prices to rise or fall. 

Furthermore, if you’re willing to delay your retreat for a week or a month, honeymooning during the “shoulder-season” will result in lower rates as well as a potentially more enjoyable experience; after all, the hordes of tourists will be gone while the pleasant climate remains.

When investigating airfare, consider whether or not it is cheaper to land in a nearby airport and then drive an hour or two. 

3.  Consider why you're choosing the specific destination you want to go to.

When discussing your dream honeymoon, focus on what would truly make the experience memorable. Perhaps the two of you have your hearts set on Rio de Janeiro because it’s been a lifelong dream to see Christ the Redeemer, or perhaps you simply want to enjoy the beach that isn’t too dissimilar to other beaches all over the world.

When the two of you select an expensive location, consider whether or not you can have an equally enjoyable experience at a closer, more affordable destination.

Similarly, reflect on how much time you anticipate spending in the hotel or exploring the geographic spot; splurging on a luxury resort might not be worth it if the two of you anticipate spending your days venturing out and, vice versa.

Flying all the way to Australia might be unnecessary if you devote the majority of the time to your hotel room. Furthermore, take the time to investigate lesser-known destinations that can offer the dreamy atmosphere of iconic, tourist-saturated places like Venice and Paris but at only a fraction of the price.

4. Forego the gift registry - especially when you already have everything you need.

Couples who already have established homes and don’t need extra sets of dishes are foregoing the wedding registry in favor of a honeymoon registry – wedding attendants can treat the two of you to room upgrades, couples massages, a whale watching excursion and more.

However, your friends and families are not the only ones who might want to sweeten the deal; many hotels and resorts have specials specifically for honeymooners, so make sure you call the front desk and ask about potential deals ahead of time, as this could help determine where you end up booking your room.

5. Budget for the unexpected  costs.

Even if you’re the kind of bride to breakdown a schedule to the minutest detail, there will still be unforeseen costs that arise on the honeymoon. Therefore, it is essential to leave a generous margin in your budget for spontaneous guided tours or the extra bottles of wine at dinner.

By being prepared to spend more than you anticipate, you will not only be able to save, but you will also be able to truly enjoy the moment instead of stressing over maxed out credit cards.

By giving a little bit of financial forethought to your honeymoon, the two of you can ride off together into a beautiful sunset carefree and without the baggage of money woes. And doesn’t that sound romantic?

Do you have any honeymoon budgeting tips of your own to share? How did you budget for your honeymoon?

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