Those four little magic words: “will you marry me” initiates every bride’s personal quest to achieve the ultimate experience of perfection. And that includes looking amazing on your wedding day.

Here are Adventure Boot Camp’s tips to achieving your dreams:

- Now is the time to get consistent. Set an appointment with yourself to train at least 3-4 days per week and include a fun cross-training activity with your future hubby on the weekend such as hiking, trail running or mountain biking – good for bonding as well!

- To see the best results your training programme should include a combination of cardio with resistance training – this can mean hand weights, body weight (as in push-ups or squats) or even therabands.

Resistance training is most effective in toning and shaping your body as well as increasing your metabolism long-term.

- Keep cardio short, sharp and effective to maintain muscle mass and shape – rather go for short bursts of high intensity cardio or interval training than hours of slogging on the treadmill.

- Don’t get obsessed! The common mistake of many soon-to-be brides is going overboard, resulting in over-training and burnout.

Eat clean and healthily but don’t be extreme about cutting calories as this isn’t sustainable and you’ll look and feel worse once you go back to your normal routine after the wedding.

Avoid the rebound effect by making better decisions more often and starting a balanced eating and exercise programme early on.

- Planning a wedding can be such a stressful time – research shows that training outdoors reduces stress levels and is generally mood enhancing. 

Just what your mother-in-law ordered (wink, wink).

These fitness tips were provided by Genevieve van der Vyver, owner of the Sandton Adventure Boot Camp franchise.

All brides-to-be qualify for a 20% discount on all Adventure Boot Camps for the six months leading up to their wedding.

To find out more about Genevieve’s boot camp and others throughout South Africa, visit or call the national head office on 021 447 27 46.

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